Survival Bag® |Solar Hydration Backpack

 Product type FB-47
Solar Panel 6.5 Watts
Dimensions 16 x 8
Weight  1 pound 8 ounces
Attached 1.8 Liter hydration bag/Battery Bank/Solar panel

The sun powered Backpack with an attached solar panel with a USB port on the back is able to charge phones, cameras, and tablets. The Panel comes with a separate battery bank for a quicker charge and is interchangeable with other battery banks.

There are two compartments in the bag. Front one is for the hydration back which is able to be taken out. Second compartment is for storage to keep your material in. 


Does it work in the cold?

Yes, it does. The bag is able to charge 

What if its cloudy?

The panel is still able to charge but will not be as powerful as not would be when bright. 

How long does it take to fully charge my battery?

2 hour charge for phones

Can it get wet?

The panel is water proof, however we do not suggest fully submerging the panel in water due to damaging USB attachment on the back. 

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