Our Story


Welcome to Northside Bags, a small outdoor backpack company based in Iowa City, Iowa! My name is Nate Elsey Williams and I founded this company in 2018 with a group of supportive team members. If you are like me, you enjoy living an active lifestyle and being on the go!

I came up with the idea of Northside Bags after a bad experience I had at Lollapalooza. I became separated from my friends while being dehydrated and also having a dead phone battery. I vowed that this would never happen to me again. I went home and starting doing research on solar-powered hydration backpacks. I ordered and tested samples. And Northside Bags was born!

Our Goal:

Charger Hydration Bags are a popular product in other countries and we want it to have the same impact here in US. Our goal is to market and make this a known product. We are currently selling the solar-powered hydration bags online and out of our home in Iowa City! 

One of our promises that we made when we started this business was to grow and be able to give back to others. We are currently looking for charities and organizations to help. If you have any ideas or people we could benefit, email us @ Northsidebags@gmail.com.

 Team members:

Nate Elsey Williams

  • Owner
  • Marketing
  • Ecommerce 
  • Events
  • Online Trader

Bryce Prokop

  •  Marketing 
  • ecommerce
  • Events

Jordan Harms
  • Finance